Four Star Fruit, Inc. and Delano Farms Provide Extensive Packaging Options for Retailers

September 28, 2020
By: Shelby Ralston

DELANO, CA., September 28, 2020 — Four Star Fruit, Inc. and Delano Farms’ top-of-class capabilities with acreage production produce remarkable proprietary, conventional, and organic table grapes. Each variety is promoted with extensive packaging options offered to retailers across the world.

“We are working with packaging that is built to keep the good attributes of our grapes consistent and elevate them beyond standard shelf life,” said Jack Campbell, long-term table grape grower/shipper. “We offer a 1lb. to 5 lb. clamshells, bags, and top seal options.”

Four Star and Delano Farms capabilities include a full in-house and international packing line supported with environmentally friendly packaging options. They offer custom packaging by color or color mix to support individual retail customers. Their sales teams are on-site where the grapes are harvested, packed, and stored, allowing Four Star and Delano Farms to have real-time, hands-on visibility of their product, giving them a unique advantage in the industry.  

From the local grocery store to the global market, Four Star Inc. and Delano Farms provide quality, taste, freshness, and consistency. Their grapes are available now to December.


About Four Star Fruit, Inc.

Four Star Fruit, Inc. has been in table grape production since 1987, family-owned and operated for three generations by the Campbell family. Our fields are located throughout the San Joaquin and Coachella Valleys, as well as Mexico. Four Star Fruit, Inc. provides several grape varieties, including our trademarked Pristine®. Four Star caters to all customers, offering both conventional and organic table grapes.


About Delano Farms

Delano Farms Company was established in 1991. Based in Delano, CA, in the world’s most productive growing region, California’s lush San Joaquin Valley, we are in the heart of agriculture country so we can keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry and the market by the minute. Delano Farms Company farms thousands of acres of grapes annually, all the while carefully ensuring the quality of each bunch from planting to harvest, packing to shipping. Producing the best table grape out there is our goal.