Randy Riley to Moderate Resiliency in Agriculture Panel at the ASTA Leadership Summit

June 12, 2023
By: Shelby Ralston

Batavia, Ohio, June 12, 2023 — Co-Owner of GoldenSun Insights, Randy Riley, will be leading a panel discussion at the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) Leadership Summit held on June 13th, 2023. The focus of the session will be targeting resiliency and innovative solutions to help preserve the future of the agriculture industry.  The experts included on the panel are David Nothmann, Chief Operating Officer of Unfold; Shely Aronov, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InnerPlant; Jason Wargent, Founder and Chief Science Officer of BioLumic Ltd; Connie Bowen, Co-Founder of FarmHand Ventures.

“Resiliency in agriculture refers to the ability of the agricultural sector to withstand and recover from challenges, shocks, and stresses while maintaining productivity, sustainability, and economic viability,” says Randy Riley, president, and co-owner of GoldenSun Insights. “It involves developing strategies and implementing practices that enable farmers and the broader industry to adapt to changing conditions, mitigate risks, and bounce back from adversity.”

With over three decades of experience in the produce industry, Riley has become a sought-after speaker at various conferences in the produce space. His breadth of knowledge enables him to address complex issues and provide insightful perspectives to drive positive changes in the industry.

“I am looking forward to hosting the fireside chat to shed some light on the importance of resiliency in agriculture and share practical insights on how industry leaders can foster adaptive strategies within their organization,” says Riley. “Adapting to change requires continuous innovation for the long-term growth and sustainability of our industry."

The ASTA Leadership Summit is an annual gathering that brings together influential voices from the seed industry to discuss key issues, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions. With a diverse lineup of speakers, panel discussions, and networking opportunities, the summit serves as a platform for industry leaders to shape the future of agriculture and promote collaboration across the seed sector. Learn more about the event here.

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