Sunions™ Leave Smiles – and No Tears - on Consumers’ Faces

May 21, 2018
By: Adam Brady

PARMA, ID, May 21, 2018 - Tearing while chopping onions became a thing of the past as Sunions, thegame-changingnew tearless and sweet onions, made their way into the hands of consumers across the country during their inaugural season of wide retail availability. 

I was absolutely amazed with Sunions and now I am cooking them up like crazy," said consumer Jeanie R. "They seriously taste like candy when caramelized!"

A product of more than three decades of research, development and natural hybridization by Bayer Crop Science, Sunions are a long-day sweet onion variety grown in the USA. But unlike other long-day onions, Sunions actually become sweeter and more tearless in storage. Most other sweet onions available during the Sunions window of availability - typically November to April - are currently imported from South America. 

In its inaugural season of availability, Sunions racked up more than 1.2 billion media impressionsin print, radio, web and television media including appearances on ABC's The Chewand Good Morning America. The Daily Meal told readers "Onions that don't make you cry are finally here and we're crying tears of joy," and Huffpost said "Put your goggles away people!"

Partnerships with popular consumer website Buzzfeed Food, YouTube influencers "The Brothers Green Eats" and a series of videos posted to Facebook and Instagram spread the good news of tearless and sweet Sunions to nearly 4 million viewers.

Like the media, consumers joined in on the phenomenon and had plenty to say about their experiences. "I want to compliment you on the best onions I've ever eaten in my life," said Rick S. "I can eat them like an apple." "Because they are tearless, my children can help me chop, dice and slice them," said Andrea D. "Just tried your onions and they are the best," said Shirley I. "I have bought 'sweet onions' before and was always disappointed - I couldn't believe the taste of Sunions."

Unique to the onion category, a sensory panel with full authority and power to determine ship dates follows a tightly-controlled protocol including both flavor and tearlessness. The panel released Sunions for distribution to the market in late November 2017, and the season came to a close in late April of this year.

Sunions are backed by a comprehensive marketing plan including point-of-sale materials, produce manager education, social media content and a consumer advertising and public relations campaign. For more information visit www.iheartsunions or for product availability, please contact Sunions distributors including Generation Farms, Onions 52 and Peri & Sons Farms.

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About Sunions
Sunions, America's first tearless and sweet onion, didn't happen by accident. The product of nearly 30 years of research, development and natural hybridization, this game-changing onion is crunchy and sweet with a mild flavor. Once harvested, Sunions follow a tightly controlled flavor protocol and are tested throughout storage until they reach peak flavor and maximum tearlessness. Then, and only then, do Sunions growers ship them to retailers around the country. There are plenty of reasons to cry in this world - now onions don't have to be one of them. Sunions are marketed and distributed exclusively by Generation Farms, Onions 52 and Peri & Sons Farms.