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Our impact goes far beyond just our client base.

Our team regularly attends and presents at conferences, trade shows, and various training courses, which only skims the surface of our actionable impact within the produce industry.
photo of Randy Riley

Randy Riley


Randy started his career as a produce clerk in retail stores and since graduated to other roles such as Produce Coordinator, Produce Buyer, Promotional Planner, and Category Manager. Prior to GoldenSun, he was the Director of Produce Merchandising & Procurement for Kroger. He is admired for his breadth of knowledge, strategic mindset, and new and innovative ways of solving complex issues within the produce industry.

AgriThority Annual Symposium

March 2021

Randy Riley shared his knowledge on investments in Controlled Environment Agriculture and the future of the industry.

"There has been increased interest from retailers in CEA for a handful of reasons. When you think about retail and foodservice buyers, they seek to simplify and streamline supply chains. As retail becomes more competitive and in some ways more complex, retailers are associating simplicity with CEA."

- Randy Riley

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American Seed Trade Association's (ASTA) 60th Vegetable and Flower Seed Conference

January 2021

Randy Riley presented on market disruptions and how to innovate through change. Riley shared his valuable insights on supply chain sustainability and how positive disrupters in our industry are creating waves of change.

"As we continue to deal with the impacts of the global pandemic, Randy’s insight into the current and future state of the agriculture—and more specifically the produce—food value chain couldn’t be timelier,” said ASTA President and CEO Andy LaVigne. “Our international audience is looking forward to hearing the perspective of Randy and others about what we can learn from recent market disruptions, and how we can use those learnings to be better prepared for future challenges threatening our global food security."

- Andy LaVigne, President and CEO

image for American Seed Trade Association's (ASTA) 60th Vegetable and Flower Seed Conference
photo of Jason Fuller

Jason Fuller


Prior to joining GoldenSun Insights, Jason started his career in the Salinas Valley with Markon as a field representative then on to the desk as a purchasing manager. After Markon, Jason sold for premiere grower/shippers like T&A and Freshkist. After relocating to Bakersfield, CA, Jason took a position in table grapes with Castlerock Vineyards, eventually moving on to Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sun World. He is admired for his knowledge and expertise in the grower/shipper community and his strategic mindset leading to consistent achievements and profitable results. 

Verdant Partners LLC

March 2021

Jason Fuller and Randy Riley, two produce industry veterans, have joined Verdant Partners’ team of Advisors to promote M&A services further. Together, Riley and Fuller have over 55 years of experience in the produce industry and are looking forward to the partnership with Verdant Partners. Verdant differentiates itself from other M&A firms by aligning with industry-specific specialists to further understand the complicated issues and observed trends and bring unmatched value to clientele.

image for Verdant Partners LLC

Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business

September 2021

Co-owners, Randy Riley and Jason Fuller, will be attending the Purdue Food and Agribusiness Executive Summit to share more of their industry insights and valuable knowledge on the opportunities post-crisis in the fresh produce supply chain on September 28-30, 2021.

"In our experience, we expect the shift in consumers’ buying habits to continue post-pandemic. We know online e-commerce platforms and brands have the opportunity to capitalize on online grocery shopping by developing a digital strategy that helps them engage with the consumer. Suppliers also have the opportunity to become even more integrated with retailers and form deeper partnerships that will give them a greater sense of surety of supply."

- Randy Riley

"Another thing that stands out to us is grocery retailers’ focus on market share. In tactical terms, this means they could focus more on price. One example might be retailers featuring hot “loss leaders” at an accelerated pace on front-page ads, which will likely put pressure on the supply chain for lower costs to reach aggressive price points."

- Jason Fuller

image for Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business

Additional Engagements

thumbnail for Washington Horticulture Show

Washington Horticulture Show

Randy Riley dissects challenges that apple growers face today that exist amongst themselves and with retailers; and innovative ways of winning in the apple space.

thumbnail for BASF Presentation

BASF Presentation

Randy Riley and Jason Fuller discuss relevant topics and trends occurring in the produce space including sustainability, food waste, and COVID-19. They examine where the industry is heading and what to expect in the near future.

thumbnail for University of California Davis Short Course

University of California Davis Short Course

Offered virtually, 168 participants from across the globe will present on the latest technologies used for handling fruits, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals in California. Randy Riley will present in a live virtual session on June 8, 2021.