Here's what our clients had to say.

"Our overall experience with GSI has been impactful and beneficial. The experiences and insights shared by the former retailers in the group are invaluable."

Ross Williams, COO - Post Harvest and Supply Chain
Titan Farms

"The GoldenSun Insights team assists our communication and marketing efforts, both internally to our Company people and externally to the trade. We have seen successful results, and everyone on the team is well-versed in current industry dynamics. We have appreciated their category management efforts as that is an increasing priority for our industry and business."

Howard Nager, Director of Marketing and Business Development
Pacific Trellis Fruit/Dulcinea Farms

"GSI helps us reach a customer base we wouldn't be able to on our own. Their experience gives us a different perspective and creativity/freshness to our brand."

Kraig Kuykendall, General Manager
Tozer Seeds

"The experience and insight we get from GSI is extremely valuable and hugely beneficial. As a young company, we can tap into so many different areas of the business with our partnership with GoldenSun."

Matthew Wulf, Sales Manager

“We partnered with GoldenSun over 5 years ago when it was the moment to bring our game-changing vegetable variety to the market. When you’re dealing with a once in a generation product, you need experience and expertise to navigate today’s fast-changing retail landscape. GSI's capable team keep one step ahead on the trends which enable them to see the opportunities and deliver insights that others may miss. I’m told that over 85% of new products launched in retail produce fail in their first year. Well, after 3 years on the market, our onion brand is experiencing explosive growth thanks in large part to the guidance from GoldenSun Insights.”

Jeff Boettge, Head of Crop Marketing and Strategy Biennials