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BelleHarvest Leadership Team Announces Substantial Growth

May 4, 2023
By: Shelby Ralston

Belding, MI.– May 4, 2023 – Michigan-based BelleHarvest is proud to announce the recent acquisition of Valley View Company, LLC, which represents a significant milestone for the company. The company’s acquisition significantly increases its overall growing and storage capacity by 20%, providing the company with a greater ability to expand its varietal mix and enhance overall quality for the end consumer. This strategic move reinforces BelleHarvest’s position as one of the top apple grower/shippers of premium quality in Michigan.


The recent acquisition brings increased acreage, packing house operations, and storage capacity to the BelleHarvest organization. As a result, the company now has unparalleled access to popular high-flavor varieties such as Honeycrisp, Gala, EverCrisp®, and SweeTango, alongside traditional varieties consumers love.


“BelleHarvest is a leader in the Michigan Apple industry,” states Casey Jarrard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BelleHarvest. “With the increased volume and quality, we can better serve our existing and potential customer base to showcase the powerhouse Michigan Apples has to offer. A customer-centric model is at the core of BelleHarvest’s business strategy, aligning our goals and objectives with those of our customers. We aim to conduct business with integrity, open communication, and a commitment to providing superior service and quality products that exceed customer expectations.”


“At BelleHarvest, we have a strong leadership team that is continuously innovating and working diligently towards the future of our company, “states Milt Fuehrer, Chief Executive Officer of BelleHarvest. “We are excited about the future growth potential this acquisition brings and look forward to expanding our operations in the years to come.


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About BelleHarvest:

BelleHarvest is one of Michigan's oldest grower-owned distributors of fresh apples. The company, established in 1957, is founded on building deep partnerships and offering consistent, high-quality, flavorful apples year after year, all while staying rooted within the local community. BelleHarvest partners with top growers throughout Michigan to project future flavor trends and maximize productivity while still maintaining the high-quality standards they are recognized for. In 2021, BelleHarvest acquired Michigan Fresh Marketing, a company specializing in Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables, with a large network of grower partners. As a result, the acquisition added a robust year-round national and locally grown vegetable program and a diverse sales organization, allowing them to continue delivering the same quality, innovation, and dedication to customers.