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BelleHarvest's Michigan Fresh Brand Expands Beyond Apples

September 26, 2023
By: Shelby Ralston

Belding, MI.– September 26, 2023 – BelleHarvest, renowned as one of Michigan's oldest grower-owned distributors of fresh apples, proudly celebrates the overwhelming success of its local Michigan vegetable program. This achievement not only reaffirms their unwavering commitment to providing fresh, locally sourced produce but also marks an exciting turning point for the company as they embark on an expansion journey. Additionally with that expansion, BelleHarvest is pleased to introduce Nick Teriaca, who will play a pivotal role in driving the program's ambitious growth plans.

"This milestone is a testament to our dedication to quality and locality," said Casey Jarrard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at BelleHarvest. "Our commitment to delivering exceptional products and service to our customers remains resolute. With Nick joining our team, we're even more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, as we continue our mission to support local farming communities."

In a groundbreaking year, BelleHarvest's comprehensive vegetable program sourced top-quality produce from family farms across the state of Michigan. Their journey doesn't stop there; they have set their sights on an audacious goal: the establishment of a year-round, 12-month complete vegetable program. This initiative exemplifies their dedication to local produce, steadfast commitment to quality, and strong support for local farming communities. By extending their offerings throughout all seasons, BelleHarvest aims to meet the diverse needs of their valued customers while strengthening relationships with local growers.

With over 15 years of hands-on expertise, Nick has demonstrated his ability to drive growth and innovation. Having previously owned and operated regional farmers markets, he possesses an acute understanding of consumer preferences and market dynamics. Nick's passion for the fresh produce industry is unmistakable, and his deep knowledge of the field positions him as a valuable asset for BelleHarvest.

"I am thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with BelleHarvest," stated Nick Teriaca, Director of Sales and Procurement. "Our collective goal is to elevate our local Michigan vegetable program to new heights, ensuring a continuous supply of top-quality produce to our customers year-round. I am eager to leverage my experience and expertise to drive our expansion and ensure our success."

The expansion of BelleHarvest's Michigan Fresh brand extends beyond apples. Their year-round local program is now bolstered by products sourced from Arizona, Georgia, and South Carolina. The company's network of growers stands at the forefront of innovative farming practices to maximize yield while embracing sustainable principles to produce the high-quality vegetables customers demand. The expanded offering includes an array of fresh produce such as Green Beans, Bell Peppers, Eggplant, Celery, Cabbage, and more.

As BelleHarvest continues to redefine excellence in the fresh produce industry, they are confident that Nick Teriaca's leadership will play a pivotal role in their ongoing growth and success.

About BelleHarvest:

BelleHarvest is one of Michigan's oldest grower-owned distributors of fresh apples. The company, established in 1957, is founded on building deep partnerships and offering consistent, high-quality, flavorful apples year after year, all while staying rooted within the local community. BelleHarvest partners with top growers throughout Michigan to project future flavor trends and maximize productivity while still maintaining the high-quality standards they are recognized for. In 2021, BelleHarvest acquired Michigan Fresh Marketing, a company specializing in Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables, with a large network of grower partners. As a result, the acquisition added a robust year-round national and locally grown vegetable program and a diverse sales organization, allowing them to continue delivering the same quality, innovation, and dedication to customers.