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Titan Farms Expands Its Team Through New Additions and Promotions

May 22, 2023
By: Ashley Pursel

Ridge Spring, SC., May 22, 2023 - Titan Farms, the premier grower, packer, and shipper of fresh peaches and vegetables, is pleased to welcome James Sparks as its new Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, Titan Farms announces the recent promotions of Jason Rodgers and Ross Williams. Confident these three individuals will continue to be of immense value to the organization, Titan Farms celebrates the profound knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills between them. These three key employees bring unique perspectives and innovative ideas that will help Titan Farms remain at the forefront of the industry and deliver their customers the highest quality products and services.

“As cherished members of the ever-evolving Titan Farms family, we are delighted to acknowledge and celebrate James, Jason and Ross,” said Chalmers Carr, President and CEO of Titan Farms. “As a part of our strategic roadmap for expansion and innovation, we prioritize the input and professional development of our growing team. The expertise and proficiency of our recently added and promoted executives equip us to achieve even more in the future, and we eagerly anticipate the fresh viewpoints and ideas they will bring to the table. I believe that this team will deliver outstanding results and steer our company toward continued success."

Titan Farms welcomes James Sparks as the new Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all financial and accounting functions. Promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Farm Operations is Jason Rodgers, responsible for managing day-to-day farm operations of the company's peach and vegetable business units. Managing the packing and supply chain operations, Ross Williams has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Post Harvest & Supply Chain. By collaborating as a team, they will work towards developing enhanced strategies and optimizing the overall performance of Titan Farms.

“This new role presents an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our team in fortifying a solid financial foundation for Titan Farms," said Sparks. "Continuing to spearhead our financial management and growth initiatives to guarantee our financial stability and positioning for forthcoming success is my utmost priority, and I am thrilled to be a part of this journey."

Titan Farms has proven to be adaptable to changing times by actively seeking out and surrounding themselves with area experts. Through a commitment to cultivating its personnel and encouraging an inventive culture, Titan Farms has established a foundation that enables it to confront fresh obstacles and capitalize on opportunities in the constantly changing agricultural sector.

"It's an immense privilege to take on the role of Chief Operating Officer of Farm Operations at Titan Farms, and I'm committed to upholding the company's reputation of excellence. I am excited to implement innovative solutions to achieve operational efficiency, enhance product quality, and improve sustainability,” said Rodgers. “I firmly believe that by leveraging our collective knowledge and expertise, we can strengthen our position as a premier grower, packer, and shipper of fresh peaches and vegetables, and exceed our customers' expectations at every turn."

“In this new role, I look forward to bringing a fresh perspective and modern touch to enhance our post-harvest and supply chain operations,” said Williams. "I am committed to collaborating closely with the team to build on the excellent work already being done and to take our operations to the next level. My aim is to ensure we have a highly efficient and effective supply chain system that delivers high-quality products to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety."


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