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Titan Makes History: Eastern Peaches Exported to Mexico After a Decade

May 30, 2024
By Kathryn Scarbro

Titan proudly announces a significant milestone in international trade: the shipment of its first load of peaches to Mexico earlier this week. This historic event marks the first export of Eastern peaches to Mexico since 2014, signaling a revival in cross-border fruit trade and fostering economic opportunities for both countries. 


What makes this achievement even more noteworthy is that it also marks the inaugural Cold Pasteurization (Irradiation) of fruit to Mexico. Cold pasteurization is a post-harvest treatment requirement that ensures the safety and quality of perishable goods during transit. Titan's adherence to this stringent standard underscores the company’s commitment to delivering the finest quality produce while meeting global regulatory requirements. 


The successful export of Eastern peaches to Mexico opens new avenues for collaboration and trade between Titan and Mexican markets. It not only expands the reach of Titan's premium produce but also showcases the company's dedication to innovation and compliance with international standards. 


"This momentous occasion represents a culmination of our team's hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence," said Chalmers Carr, President and CEO of Titan Farms. "We are thrilled to be pioneers in revitalizing the export of Eastern peaches to Mexico and to introduce Cold Pasteurization as a benchmark for quality assurance in fruit trade. This achievement underscores Titan's role as a global leader in the fresh produce industry."  


The resumption of Eastern peach exports to Mexico signifies a momentous shift in trade dynamics, particularly considering the history of regulatory restrictions surrounding this trade route. The ban on peach imports from the Eastern United States to Mexico was originally implemented in 1994, citing concerns over pests and diseases. However, through rigorous collaboration between regulatory authorities and industry stakeholders, comprehensive protocols for Cold Pasteurization (Irradiation) were developed, addressing these concerns while facilitating safe and sustainable trade practices.  


Titan's milestone is expected to generate significant buzz within the agricultural and international trade sectors. Titan invites stakeholders, media outlets, and consumers alike to celebrate this achievement and looks forward to further collaborations that promote the exchange of high-quality agricultural products across borders. 


Titan is a leading producer of fresh fruits, committed to delivering premium-quality produce to markets worldwide. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and excellence, Titan strives to set industry standards and create value for customers, partners, and communities.  


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About Titan Farms  

Founded in 1999 by Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, Titan Farms is a premier grower, packer and shipper of fresh peaches and vegetables. With core values focused on producing the highest quality produce in the market, you are sure to take home the freshest produce they have available. Today, Titan Farms is the largest peach grower on the east coast, with over 6,200 acres of peaches, 600 acres of bell peppers, 1,000 acres of broccoli and 36 acres of eggplant. Titan Farms is a family-run operation, including long-time employees who have become part of their Titan family.