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Tozer Celery Varieties Deliver High-Quality Yields for Main Season Plantings

May 2, 2023
By: Alyssa Hoffman

Santa Maria, CA., May 2, 2023 — Tozer is one of the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding companies in the world, Tozer is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality celery varieties for the primary growing season. Tozer has been at the forefront of celery varietal development since it established the world's first commercial F1 hybrid celery variety. Today, the company continues to lead the world in celery varietal development.


Tozer breeds for yield, resistance to bolting, good flavor, field-holding ability, and disease resistance. Their commitment to excellence drives Tozer to introduce exceptional new varieties year after year. Many of Tozer’s newest varieties have been created specifically for the United States’ various climatic growing regions.


"We are proud to offer a wide range of high-quality celery varieties that have been developed to meet the needs of our U.S. customers.” Anthony Stevenson, Area Sales Representative for Tozer, said, “Our focus on breeding for yield, disease resistance, and good flavor has resulted in some exceptional varieties that perform well in the field and in the market." 


Tozer celery varieties include standard green varieties such as TZ 6200, which is ideal for mid-season plantings and performs exceptionally well in the U.S. The company also offers newer varieties like Huron, which is compact with good height and does well on muck soils during the first and last plantings of the season due to its improved vigor. In addition, Hadrian is the newest darker green celery variety showing good height, excellent weight, and intermediate tolerance to bolting in trials in Europe and USA.


For more information on the celery varieties available, please visit their website,, or contact Anthony Stevenson at


About Tozer

Tozer is the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding company in the U.K.

Tozer specializes in breeding, production, and distribution of quality vegetable seed and is behind the groundbreaking kale and brussels sprouts hybrid vegetable Kalettes®. Tozer America opened in 2008 in Santa Maria, California.