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Tozer Introduces a New Innovative Parsnip Variety

October 31, 2022
By: Shampaign Fields

Santa Maria, CA., October 31, 2022— Tozer, an innovator in the vegetable breeding industry, cherishes their deep-rooted traditions while being deeply committed to exceptional customer service, as well as extensive research and development. Through the work of Tozer's groundbreaking seed breeding program, the company pioneered the development of F1 hybrid parsnip varieties with the release of Gladiator, the world's first commercial F1 hybrid parsnip. Since the development of this innovative variety, Tozer has continued to utilize the company's extensive knowledge of genetics and horticulture to introduce exceptional new varieties, such as Sabre, to meet market demands.


"After meticulous trials, we are proud to introduce Sabre, a new hybrid parsnip variety, which is now commercially available," said Anthony Stevenson, Area Sales Representative for Tozer. "Sabre has a white smooth skin finish which is noticeably slower to discolor. The smooth-skinned roots offer great flavor and strong resistance to root canker. Our passion for plant breeding drives Tozer to continue introducing innovative varieties."


Throughout the development of new varieties like Sabre, the lines of communication between Tozer's thoughtfully integrated product development and international sales staff are vital. Constant dialogue allows for extensive monitoring and feedback throughout the plant breeding process. Excellent communication, along with the use of the latest plant breeding technology and techniques, enables Tozer to create unique varieties that align with the market's needs and are suitable for diverse climate conditions.


Tozer continues to develop new hybrids with good vigor, canker resistance, shallow crowns, smooth skin, resistance to bruising and white roots of uniform shape and size. Growers interested in Tozer's parsnips varieties can learn more by contacting Anthony Stevenson at


About Tozer

Tozer is the largest independent and family-owned vegetable breeding company in the U.K., specializing in breeding, production and distribution of quality vegetable seed. Today, Tozer has established branches in Holland, Spain, and the United States. As Tozer continues to grow, the three fundamentals remain constant: our people, our plant breeding, and our seeds.