Talented Team

Dedicated professionals with a passion for produce.

The groundwork put in by Our Founder, Don Goodwin, has laid roots for us to serve all touchpoints of the produce industry, from seed to retail. Learn more about our founder here.

Randy Riley
Randy Riley

“Produce is an ever-changing industry that forces me to stay educated on the trends but also be a trend-setter. In the end, the most important thing is providing consumers with the best and healthy choices for their families.” - Randy

  • Dedicated to customer growth through expertise on consumer trends
  • Leverages knowledge in conjunction with data to drive top-line business
  • Leads teams to deliver successful and profitable results for clients

Randy started his career as a produce clerk in retail stores and since graduated to other roles such as Produce Coordinator, Produce Buyer, Promotional Planner, and Category Manager. Prior to GoldenSun, he was the Director of Produce Merchandising & Procurement for Kroger. He was admired for his breadth of knowledge, strategic mindset, and new and innovative ways of solving complex issues within the produce industry.

Randy grew up in the panhandle of Florida, before studying Business/Marketing at Florida State University. Randy is a dedicated father raising one son and seven daughters. He is passionate about his children and is highly engaged in all of their activities. Randy also enjoys playing golf and uses it as an approach to interact with his team outside of work. He is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Jason Fuller
Jason Fuller

"It has often been said that if there weren't problems in produce, none of us would have jobs. As technology continues to offer great tools for proposed solutions, experience plays a major role in tackling the most complex issues. I am very passionate about using that experience to help others chose a path into the future with promised results.” - Jason

  • Natural leader with high-integrity and accountability
  • Analytical problem solver and confident decision-maker
  • Strategic mindset which has delivered consistent achievements and profitable results

Prior to joining GoldenSun Insights, Jason started his career in the Salinas Valley with Markon as a field representative than on to the desk as a purchasing manager. After Markon, Jason sold for premiere grower/shippers like Tanimura and Antle and Freshkist. After relocating to Bakersfield, CA, Jason took a position in table grapes with Castlerock Vineyards. He took a position as the Director of Sales for Sun World, eventually taking on the responsibility of Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Jason grew up in Exeter, CA, before studying Agribusiness/Marketing at California Polytechnic University. Jason and his wife enjoy spending time with their three amazing children. If not by the pool, beach, or barbecuing, you will most likely find Jason on the golf course. He is based out of Dallas, Texas. 

Naba Bakar
Naba Bakar
Vice President of Marketing

"Food is a universal language - it brings people and cultures together. My love for food combined with my strategic mindset, feeds my passion for producing creative solutions that are as unique as my clients." – Naba

  • Sorts through complex problems efficiently to find optimal solutions
  • Recognizes the special and distinct qualities of each client to deliver one-of-a-kind campaigns
  • Stops at nothing to deliver the right results

Naba's background in the sciences allows her to take a unique and methodical approach to marketing. But don't be fooled; her intelligence is matched equally by her creativity and passion to achieve. Naba has over 10 years of experience in marketing - ranging from corporate marketing to marketing for her own entrepreneurial ventures. Naba earned a BS in Biological Sciences from the American University in Washington D.C. and an MBA from the Minnesota School of Business. When she's out of the office and away from her startup, you may find Naba catching some rays on a beach, pumping iron at the gym, or enjoying her seats at a Ravens game. She is based out of Washington, D.C.

Brandon Joplin
Brandon Joplin
Category Insights Analyst

“What I like most about the grocery industry is that it’s constantly evolving, and there’s always something new to learn, from innovation of products to understanding consumer trends. There’s a lot of science, art, and thought that goes into the ever-changing grocery industry.” - Brandon

  • Committed to the success of our clients, team, and organization
  • 10+ years providing insights and analytics in the CPG industry
  • Analytical and data-driven mindset

Prior to Golden Sun Insights, Brandon worked for a major CPG company providing category and sales insights and analytics across a multitude of categories, brands, and customer portfolios.  He has years of experience working with mass amounts of data and can interpret data into impactful analysis with the ability to turn that analysis into actionable insights.

Brandon is an Arizona native, and he continues to live and work. When not working, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and their 3 kids. He also enjoys being outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, and playing golf. Outside of work, Brandon also coaches a local Junior High baseball team. He is based out of Mesa, AZ. 

Jenney Tenney
Jenney Tenney
Business Strategy Advisor

"What I love most about the produce industry is the passion that drives it … from seed to fork. Those in it understand that by moving the total industry forward, they can move their individual businesses forward. This holistic and human approach to business stands out as being both unique and refreshing in today’s world."         - Jenney

  • Award-winning leader with over 30 years’ experience
  • Innovative thinker with a drive to move the industry forward
  • Takes a balanced approach to problem-solving and program development to maximize both sales and profits

Jenney started her career as a member of the management training program at Kroger and spent her 33+ year career in various positions within the produce, floral, and natural foods arenas.  In addition to her many years directing merchandising, category management, and procurement, she led various teams focused on product quality improvements, merchandising & operational process improvements, and business/technology integration. During her tenure, she was highly regarded for her leadership and innovative thought process.

When she is not working, Jenney is very engaged with the local community and spends her free time visiting various Cincinnati areas with her therapy dog, Jasmine. Together they are closely aligned with The Jewish Hospital, The Children’s Home Heidt Center focused on teenagers with Autism and Related Disorders, and the Center for Respite Care, a Medical Recovery service for the Homeless. They also occasionally visit libraries to support reading programs and college campuses/businesses to provide “stress relief” as needed. She is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers
Business Development Manager

"What I love most about the grocery industry is the constant search for innovation and differentiation. Staying ahead of food trends and consumer demands is the key to winning in the ultra-competitive grocery retail landscape." – Tim

  • Produce veteran with 15+ years in the grocery industry
  • Data-driven, retail-focused and results-oriented
  • Highly motivated professional who excels in a team environment

Prior to GoldenSun Insights, Tim spent his entire career at The Fresh Market. A specialty grocer primarily in the southeast. He has experience in operations, merchandising, product/private label development, and category management. Tim is an expert in value-added produce and meal solutions. His passion for fresh fruits and vegetables is matched only by driving sales through great retail programs and top of class customer service.

Tim is a lifelong North Carolina resident. Tim is a loving husband and father. When away from work, he enjoys family time, golfing, fishing, and boating. He is based out of Jamestown, North Carolina.

Shelby Ralston
Shelby Ralston
Senior Marketing Manager

"Food is something that connects and informs an individual about the world around them. To know where and how products are produced leads to a healthy lifestyle. This industry allows me to combine my passion for produce and my creative mindset to deliver unique solutions for our clients and consumers." – Shelby

  • Strategic and energetic mindset to elevate clients online presence 
  • Curates captivating and unique ideas for clients
  • Conversationalist with a passion for relationship building

Shelby has a drive for digital marketing strategy and content development. She is dedicated to exceeding expectations and bringing spirit to brands. When Shelby's not working, you can find her cooking meals for family and friends, spending time on the lake, or spoiling her puppy. Shelby is a graduate from Miami University with a BA in Marketing. She is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ashley Pursel
Ashley Pursel
Marketing Manager

“Nothing brings people together like good food, and nothing brings our clients closer to their goals like an effective marketing strategy. Food and a passion for our work are the key ingredients in both settings.”
– Ashley

  • Discovers new opportunities to develop clients digital marketing footprint
  • A friendly face with a can-do attitude and the will to succeed
  • Focuses on creating content that brings our clients vision to light


  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
  • Professional Certified Marketer (PCM)

Ashley’s background in construction and interior design allows her creativity to shine through in everything she does. Her analytical mindset and ability to visualize complex projects partner cohesively in a way that allows her to thrive. Ashley prides herself on being a well-rounded marketer with over five years of experience in corporate marketing, non-profit marketing as well as her own entrepreneurial endeavors. She earned a B.A.A in Integrative Public Relations from Central Michigan University. When not hard at work, you will find Ashley hiking, coaching gymnastics, exercising at the gym, helping at the family farm, or traveling. She is based out of Ortonville, Michigan. 

Kayla Pilcher
Kayla Pilcher
Marketing Associate

“Marketing is a powerful tool to create inspiring stories and increase brand awareness. The produce industry allows me to combine two of my biggest passions, food, and creative communications, to produce something special!” – Kayla

  • Develops relationships to provide personalized solutions
  • Executes creative and strategic social media needs of clients
  • Organized problem solver

Kayla’s passion for food, combined with her love for social media and creative strategy, empowers her to collaborate with clients and coworkers to maximize results. She is dedicated to finding the best solution for each brand. In her spare time, Kayla can be found experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, playing with her two pups, and spending time with her family and friends. Kayla graduated from Texas State University with a BS in Advertising and is based out of San Antonio, TX.

Jenna Sewalt
Jenna Sewalt
Marketing Coordinator

“The farming community plays a major role in everyone’s lives whether they realize it or not. Food is the centerpiece of many things, whether that be an event, a special occasion, or a family dinner. Growing up in a citrus farming family, I developed an affinity for the produce industry. I am passionate about implementing my marketing knowledge to help bridge the gap between grove and grocery store.” - Jenna

  • Quick learner that strives to approach every situation with an optimistic mindset
  • Consumer-focused and eager to help others by creating unique content for clients
  • Cultivates relationships through open dialogue and authenticity 

Jenna is a seventh-generation Floridian that grew up in a small beach town on the east coast of Florida. She graduated from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) with a BS in Marketing and a minor in Hospitality Management. Jenna has prior experience working in the fresh juice industry, and her family has been in the citrus growing business for decades. She enjoys traveling with her husband, working out, and trying out new restaurants. She is based out of Sneads Ferry, NC.

Alyssa Hoffman
Alyssa Hoffman
Marketing Coordinator

“Marketing and food have many commonalities: innovation, stories, relationships, the list could go on! Combining the two allows us to help our clients to be unique and ingenious in their brand marketing strategies.” - Alyssa

  • Ability to bring people together and foster mutually beneficial relationships
  • Implements strategic and creative solutions
  • Self-starter with the ability to make things happen

Alyssa is a University of Saint Francis graduate with a BA in Communication: Public Relations based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alyssa has experience with project management, creative writing, and social media marketing. She is experienced in evaluating needs and strategizing campaigns to promote brand growth and increase revenue. In her free time, you can find Alyssa enjoying the Midwest sunshine, spending time with family and friends, or playing with her dog! She is based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.